Packaging Factory

str. Koszalińska 25
PL 77-300 Człuchów
woj. pomorskie
phone: +48 530 152 151

Logistics department
tel. +48 690 312 126

NIP: 8431490332
REGON: 771517068
BDO: 000088471 


Outside The Box

How to make your product stand out among a variety of brands, packaging solutions and colours and attract consumer’s attention?

ur constructors and designers can offer you solutions which will fully meet your requirements and needs and provide you with unlimited graphical possibilities, so as to present your product sufficiently.

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of the brand

Our overarching goals is the satisfaction of our Consumers; therefore, we focus on manufacturing high quality packaging.

Over 25 years of experience is a guarantee of a perfect organization of our work, as a result of which we offer short deadlines and advantageous terms of cooperation.